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Turntable Motorising Units



These units provides a compact arrangement for powering all turntables in the Midland Railway Centre range.

Connists of a combined motor/gearbox unit, mounted beneath the turntable well, which drives the turntable by means of a polyurethane belt around the rim of a large diameter disc. (The disc is supplied as part of the appropriate Turntable Installation Module.)

The combination of a geared motor and large drive disc make for a realistic, slow turning speed.

The motors can be powered from the loco controller, or from a DCC chip

Turntable motorising unit. (For use with 7mm scale turntable kits)
Turntable motorising unit. (For use with Multi-Scale turntable kit)
Turntable motorising unit.(For use with 4mm scale turntable kits.)


Turntable Indexing Unit



 Using stepper motor technology, the Turntable

  Indexing Unit enables the turntable to be

  positioined accurately in line with any of its

  approach tracks.

  The system is designed to operate from an

  application loaded onto a PC or laptop.

  Before use, the number of steps required to

  drive the turntable from any outlet to any other

  is recorded on a chart, which is then referred to

  during operation. The speed and direction of

  rotation can also be selected manually.

  The unit consists of a stepper motor/gearbox

  and controller board (illustrated), together with

  a plug-in power supply, CD-ROM and USB lead.

    Suitable for 4mm and 7mm scale turntables.

Code TIU                                     £175.00       


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