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Modular Baseboard System

Whilst primarily designed to be used for portable & exhibition layouts, this system lends itself ideally as the basis of a permanent layout, with potential for expansion by adding further modules.

Each module is constructed from 1/4in. (6,3mm) birch plywood, the components being CNC machined to a high degree of accuracy. Slot & tab construction is used throughout, and when glued together, each module forms a rigid, lightweight unit on to which a choice of surface material (not supplied) may be attached. Adjacent modules are held in perfect alignment by brass dowels and sockets, which also serve to provide electrical continuity between boards (DCC bus, for example). Quick-release screw clamps provide additional rigidity.

A back board and one end board are offered separately - their use enables two similarly sized modules to be transported easily, by inverting one module and securing it on top of the other.

The modules can be provided in any size, to suit individual requirements. However, with portability in mind, the initial design concept was to introduce a size which would fit comfortably into most family-sized cars.

This 1/4 x full-size model was produced to prove the tab & slot design, and to establish  the sequence of assembly.

Thin stripwood is inserted between the double-thickness side and cross beams, to  provide a fixing for the baseboard material.

Holes in the cross beams and the longitudinal central beam allow for electrical wiring, and the slots in the end section provide for ease of handling.

Accuracy in machining, results in accuracy of assembly, and the sections fit together perfectly.

Glue (not supplied) may be applied during or after assembly. Any type of wood glue is suitable, but quick-setting adhesives should be avoided, as several joints may have to be assembled simultaneously.

The use of a rubber-faced mallet is recommended to tap home the joints, as they are machined to a very tight tolerance.

Painting is not necessary, although a coat of clear varnish should be considered if it is likely that the modules may be affected by changes in humidity and temperature.



The top photograph shows the locating pins, which ensure accurate alignment between modules, and provide electrical continuity between boards.



The llower picture shows the two separate busbars, situated inside the end panels. If required, each busbar can be split in half, thus providing four separate electrical paths between boards.


Please note that the following price is for our Standard Module, measuring 5ft. x 2ft. 6in. (1500 x 750mm).

It is supplied as a "flat pack", and includes 2 busbars (as shown above), and screws for attaching timber inserts.

This pack length is acceptable by UK Post Office and most parcel carriers

Other sizes are available to order, but longer lengths will require special delivery arrangements.

MBB525 Modular baseboard 5ft. x 2ft.6in.   (1500 x 750mm) £95.00
BEB525 Back board & end board pack £10.00











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